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Beta Reading

Keeping with tradition, the beta reading I offer is free of charge! Beta reading is a test reading of unpublished work; think of it like beta testing in gaming. Beta readers provide feedback to writers concerning things they enjoyed and things they believe need more work before publication. No editing is involved in this process. If you are uncertain your work needs a copy editor or proofreader, a beta reader can also help you determine this with their feedback.

I offer two styles of beta reading: live and basic.

  • Live beta reading - I'll send you my thoughts as I read then provide a summary upon completion

  • Basic beta reading - I'll send you a report summary of my feedback upon completion


Email me and we can work out the details!

If you are unfamiliar with what proofreading and copy editing entail,

please view my proofreading and copy editing service pages. For those who

desire it, I gladly provide beta reading-style feedback when editing.


website content review, web content review, proofread, proofreading

To request a beta read, please email me with the following:

  • Full Name (or Handle)

  • Contact Details

  • Service(s) Requested

  • Estimated Deadline(s), if any

“Girlie, this sentence says he spoke like a horse... you meant "hoarsely", right?

~ A friend and beta reader

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