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Copy Editing & Line Editing

An editor is a partner in your writing journey. I’ll point out where readers may get snagged, note inconsistencies in content details and mechanical matters, and clean up errors to save you work in your creative process. This way you can publish your novel, short story, script, article, blog post, resume, or website with confidence.

Copy editing doesn’t just prevent your work from hitting the shelves with wayward grammar or spelling errors; it can also prevent readers from stumbling over tense shifts, getting lost in redundant exposition, or becoming confused with characters whose names and eye colors erroneously change. These factors make all the difference in a reader’s experience.

If you’re hoping for an edit that digs deeper, I also offer line editing. This is an artistic approach to your manuscript. On top of what would be a regular, mechanical copy edit, I go sentence-by-sentence to hunt down filter and filler words, head-hopping, and unclear settings that can muddle your story.


If you do not already have one, I will provide a personalized style sheet for any manuscript more than ten pages long.

Want to know if I’m the right fit for you? Email me for a free sample edit.

My copy editing service (pricing starts at $.017 per word) addresses: 

  • spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

  • inconsistencies and redundancies

  • unclear wording or phrases

  • faulty tense shifts 

  • basic fact-checking


My line editing service (pricing begins at $.025 per word), meanwhile,

does all of the above in addition to: 

  • focusing on syntax, flow, and message

  • rewording (or noting) verbose sentences and paragraphs

  • weeding out filter and filler words

  • noting show vs tell, lack of setting

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As a writer myself, I understand how daunting it can be to share your unfinished work with someone. My goal is not to railroad your writing but to simply assist in its refining and polishing. I aim to support your creative process, not butcher it.

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“Let grammar, punctuation, and spelling into your life! Even the most energetic and wonderful mess has to be turned into sentences.”

~ Terry Pratchett

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