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As the last hurdle of the editing process, proofreading catches errors that hung on through or were born during revisions. This could be anything from your run-of-the-mill punctuation errors, duplicate chapter numbers, formatting mistakes, or broken links. Proofreading is vital in ensuring a squeaky-clean reading experience, especially for those who are writing blog posts, newsletters, website content, promotional content, instructional guides, or resumes.

If you’ve hired me for copy editing (or line editing) already for your project, the cost of proofreading on that project will be reduced (although I do recommend hiring a different person so you have a new set of eyes on it!) Discounts are also available to first-time clients and/or weekly proofreading jobs.

My proofreading service (pricing starts at $.014 per word) checks for typographic errors such as:

  • page and chapter number hiccups

  • incorrect or inconsistent formatting

  • missing, broken, or duplicate sentences

  • grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors

Proofreading does not involve critiquing content or providing a style sheet.

If this is what you’re looking for, please refer to my copy editing service page.

To request a free quote, email me with the following:

  • Full Name

  • Contact Details

  • Service Requested

  • Genre

  • Word Count

  • Estimated Deadline(s)

  • Manuscript Sample

“To be an artist and particularly to be a writer, what you are doing is a twofold process. And to put it very simply, it's a process of creating. And then it's a process of fixing or of editing.”

~ Neil Gaiman

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