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Music Meditation

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Music is one of my top writing motivators. I take a lot of "naps" where I lie down and listen to songs that inspire me to write. I imagine scenes to the beats like viewing an AMV on YouTube, or I picture character interactions dependent on the theme of the lyrics. When I find a new song or an old one I haven't listened to in some time, and it clicks just right? The dopamine hits. Ideas come pouring in, and I'm writing again.

There are hundreds of playlists and music mixes YouTubers have put together for character tropes, themes, and settings. Writing an anti-hero? Look up an anti-hero mix. Need the proper ambiance for a club? Look up club music. Amp up your writing flow with a musical assist.

If you suspect lack of focus may play a large part in your writer's block, try listening to video game soundtracks. Certain types of video game music can increase concentration and productivity, as well as improve your morale and motivation.

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